Heyo, fellow athletes!

From of today I am doing handstands every day until my Christmas vacation arrives.

This is how the program looks like -


(How long you are able to keep a steady handstand depends from person to person. Do 10 seconds of handstand hold for 3 rounds if thats were your at right now. In a week you are doing 20 seconds)

Handstand – 1 minute (hold)
Rest for 2 minutes
Handstand – 1 minute (hold)
Rest for 2 minutes
Handstand – 1 minute (hold)

*Claps yourself on the back* daily handstand challange done for the day.

The reason for this challange is simple .. I came across this article -


Second, I figured since I`m working on becoming a musicalartist, handstands could suddenly become an importante asset to a play or musical.

But mainly I`m doing this to strenghten my core and body.



I am back and writing at last .. Reasons why I haven`t be able to write these last couple of months – school ..

I know I haven`t been writing for Shapeityourway in a while, but I have still kept the training going. It hasn`t been easy to find time to write.
But from today on and until Christmas I will use at least 20 minutes of my day for training, and 20 minutes to write my progressions and workouts ..


Wide pushups - 10 reps

Close up pushups - 10 reps

Regular pushups - 10 reps

Pushup hold - 30 sec

3 minute rest between rounds

x3 rounds

Because you don`t rest between sets the different exercises will put more pressure on your muscles a lot faster. So, as your chestmuscles are failing there is no shame in putting your knees to the ground for support. It gives you more room for repetitions, and for you to really tear down your chestmuscles.


Bicep and tricep at Tufteparken!

Me and my roomate wen`t up to St. Hanshaugen around 17.30 today. Through half of our session it started raining, a lot. It didn`t matter though, we were still finishing our workout!




Close grip chinups - 4 reps
Close grip negative chinups - 2 reps


Dips - 7 reps
Assisted dips - 20 reps

15 sec between exercises, 1 minute between rounds
x4 rounds

We finished the session doing 1 round of austrailian chinups - 7 reps and static hold for 30 sec. (biceps) 


This is a great workout for your arms. Enjoy!  

bilde 1 (3) bilde 2 (3)


This program is inspired by Brendan Meyers. Check out this link: http://youtu.be/BBwz7yh-f2o

The video above is for beginners so I added more reps to the different exercises bellow to raise the difficulty.



Pushups – 12 reps, Close pushups – 2 reps
Clap pushups w knee assisted – 12 reps
Explosive ground pushups – 12 reps
Pushups w feet elevated – 12 reps
Wide pushups – 10 reps, Close pushups – 10 reps
Max pushups -



Hi guys!

After a productive and interesting day at school today I went straight up to Tufteparken!
As my week of drinking has come to an end, and no I’m not an alcoholic .. In Norway we have, as said last week, something called fadderuken. I explained it shortly in my last post so I’m not going into it again.

Anyway, now that that is over I am giving more focus to my training!


Arms, biceps:

(If your not able to complete a full chinup motion, just focus on doing negative reps)

This program is made by ShekoFitnessMk.

Close grip chinups -
Normal grip chinups -
Wide grip chinups -
Normal grip chinups -
Close grip chinups

My goal at this point is to complete 10 – 12 reps on every exercise. But at the time I work until muscle failure. At the moment my muscles tend to fail at 6 full reps (close grip chinups).

x4 – 5 rounds
15 sec break between exercises, 2 minute break between rounds.




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