I feel like the picture above needs an explanation so you guys don`t think I just post beautiful but out of the blue pictures. I chose this one because it left me the feeling of, everything is possible. And the quote everything is possible relates very good towards training and what I wan`t to achive.


Yesterday Shapeityourway hit a new record in most views on the site, so thank you so much! I will  keep updating the site, session after session, and you are more then very welcome to follow the progress. Also, if you have any comments and/or tips I will appreciate every word of it!

Bellow is my Tuesday session. In other words, lower body focus.


Lower body:

(For the squat exercises I like to put my hands behind my head to increase the difficulty)

Squats – 20 reps
Calf raises left, right – 20 reps
Lunges left. right – 20 reps
Squat jumps – 20 reps
Wall-sit – 1 minute

x3 – 4 rounds
3 min break between rounds


You may think the session looks easy, but I can promise you fire, hurt and burns in your second round, into third. 

I had planned out a core/abs workout today too but instead I will include that program into my back and chest program tomorrow. That will happen at St. Hanshaugen, and I am very excited to be back there! See you tomorrow!  



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